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Simultaneously with the development of bicycles, we are also working on other projects that are associated with metal. From the design of geometries and suspension through the implementation of one-piece experiments to larger things in the form of 4x8 m self-lifting roofing for the pool.

We are also preparing some projects for serial production. Among other things, we are also a non-standard locksmith where we also deal with the production of steel and stainless steel from light to demanding orders for demanding customers.

Kinazo E1

The first, timeless, unique…. This is also how the Kinazo E1 project could be described - the first 3D printed enduro e-bike in the world, on which we collaborated in the field of geometry, suspension, prototyping. 

More information: www.kinazo.com




In the Bikedoo project, we solved the construction in cooperation. The Bikedoo project is unique in its construction and assembly to the transport dimension.


Hype bike


We were invited to the project of young promising Košice residents to solve the complete supporting structure, suspension, drive. The project serves as a mobile advertisement where an advertisement is projected on LCD screens.



In cooperation with designer Slavomír Ozaník, we developed a proposal for a bikesharing project, including applications for renting bicycles.

Charging stations

We were approached to create the first charging station in Slovakia, specifically at Kráľova Studna. Another traveled to Donovaly - Dami Sport.


Trophies Around Slovakia

We have many years of experience in the production of various types of trophies. We are proud to be able to create and produce trophies for the prestigious Around Slovakia competition.


Bikefest trophies

For the most anticipated holiday of all bikers in Slovakia, we are a supplier of trophies in the form of the letter R.


1. Professional manual trainer.

2. Durable construction, long-lasting surface treatment.

3. An excellent addition to the bike park, to the pump station.

4. Suitable for all types of mountain bikes.


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