History of our company. From our very beginning in garage trough first achievements to new place and present



Our story began to be written in 2004. The idea of ​​our company originated in the head of Vladimír Hučko due to the unavailability of bicycles on Down Hill and Freeride.

The determination to change the world began in the garage. They were also "partisan" times full of the unknown.

We started with first prototype with planetary gear and 20 mm back axle.


At the same year we developed first Downhill hardtail MURO too.


We have a new era of production and transformation of production processes.

We started the production of full suspension PROTEUS frames, which were on a single-pin platform.

In these years, we also launched a series of APOPHIS frames, designed by the rider Jamatono, and at the same time we completed the frames under the name MURO and a new CERBEROS series was created.


2009 - 2012_


The Devilwork racing team was established, in the same year we started building the Devilwork bikepark košútka, which opened its gates in 2011 and operated under our auspices until 2015.

Then the Absolute racing team took over under the auspices of Jan Halaj.

Instead of the APOPHIS frame, the NYX frame came and the Necromacer frame was added too.


2014 - 2019_

During these years, all series of frames were renamed. The 10th anniversary series was released and a major difference came in changing the name to Devonic - DEVil work will be icONIC.


In addition to all this, we did not miss moving to new premises with an area of ​​200 m2 in these years, where we also implemented new projects in cooperation with KINAZO Design for the production of the world's first 3D printed electrobike.

The video AREA9 was shot, which premiered in the Košútka bike park.

Then came the presentation of HT models FATE, CORTEZ and FS models TECTON and FACTOR.


In addition to other productions, we have started producing for other beginning producers, who are trying to make their dreams happen in the same way as we did 15 years ago.